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2010-12-06 12:19:37 by SirMax

Hello again.

Long time no see.
I just wanna tell you guys that I have uploaded a new movie.
It's our commercial ad for school. Check it out.

Too much butter.. Urgh!!

2009-03-22 15:21:23 by SirMax

Well hello!

Long time since last post, I know. But I've been busy being crazy.
Climbing on rooftops is hell alot of fun.
The school blows. Nothing new there.
I ate a choclate ball 2 seconds ago :)

The animating is going wicked slow. I wish I had more time DAMNIT!

Yes! The school brake!

2009-02-12 13:13:02 by SirMax

Whazzup all my NG playas!

I am very happy today. Because the school is almost over.
One more day and then we're free! Atleast for a week.
We swedes got something called "Sportlov". And It is well
timed for the recording me and my boys are going to
do at saturday. I thank them for doing that.

The movie is going really well. The first scen is almost
done and I had the time writing the script and animate.
But when we get back from the brake I have FOUR tests
to write. It is going to be such a pain in the ass. But
until then I will just recharge my batteries. Hang out with
friends. Eat unhealthy and be sleeping away entire days.

Oh! I will ofcourse keep an eye on Newgrounds for new
intresting movies/games.. if you know what I mean ;)

I got some energy left. I think I'm going to go out and dig
a hole or something. See ya!


(The appel pie picture says: Appel Pie with vanilla sauce)

Yes! The school brake!

Fresh inspiration

2009-02-05 12:52:02 by SirMax


During the last couple of weeks i've been looking at the frontpage
every day. And I have discovered new talented artists as musicians,
game makers and animators. Because of this, I got som fresh inspiration.
And I got the energi to make a storyboard.

Am I the only one that long for the London meet? Certainly not. There were
about 50 people at the previous. Wicked!

School = Fun ?

2009-01-23 19:42:45 by SirMax


I think my graphics card is almost dead. It works, but its just a matter of time til'
it brakes.

A good friend of mine is helping me do the recording for my next short. But it's going
to take a while. I have alot of things going on with school and I need to get better grades.
So I can go to the high school I wanna go to. So you'll just have to wait. Sorry!

But here's something I made playing around with Adobe Flash CS3

School = Fun ?

Unimportant information

2009-01-11 13:49:21 by SirMax

The computer works perfectly. And Flash CS3 have been installed.
I don't know why, but I prefer CS3 then CS4. But I sure wanna learn
more about that 3D tool they got. Oh well..

Right now, I don't have a specific project. I stopped the previous
work because I found another great thing and then I started up
that one, then I found something else, and I don't seem to finish
the stuff so now I have decided to work with only one thing and
not to start something else. But I do have like 6 other unfinished
projects. But I don't wanna spoil anything just yet.

New project going kinda slow.

2009-01-05 13:07:43 by SirMax

So I did start on a new music-video-flash-project thing.
And It was going pretty well. Until my computer started
to act strange and saying weird stuff to me.
Like: Max, come here! Get me a cookie.

Um, no seriously! The computer will be re-installed and I just have to start all over again. That's life!

My First Post :)

2008-12-30 15:00:34 by SirMax

Hi fellow Newgrounder's!

I've got some rough animation ideas going through my head at 80 mph.
There will soon be a film uploaded, you can count on that! But until then
I will just favourite clips and make reviews.

Merry Christhanukkah and a happy new year!